Gateway Cities, Core Area, High-Quality

Assets with Value-Add Opportunity

We characterize gateway cities as having a growing population inflow of people aged between 18 and 35, locations showing rapid economic growth as well as established areas that make up high GDP per capita. These cities are highly industrialized, maintain low levels of unemployment, and have a wide range of professions. In these core areas, there are numerous opportunities to invest in undervalued high-quality assets after meticulous research. We focus on iconic assets and areas where we can add value by implementing operational changes.​

Gateway Cities
  • Growing Population inflow:              

         18-35 Millennials   


  • Fundamental Economy:         

         GDP, Unemployment, CPI, PPI     


  • Major industries:                       

         STEM, Education, Finance

Core Area 
  • Central Business District (CBD)     


  • Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

high-quality assets
  • Iconic Assets                         


  • Value-Added Opportunity


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